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4. darwinism

3. Darwins theory

2. evolution

1. introduction

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evolution:of monkey to humans through time

The evolution of monkey is the beileve that millions of years ago monkey started to devellop and adapt to their surroundings to become humans.

Evolution is the process at which a species has developed through out history.

darwins theory

Charles Darwins contribution to science was his theory of humans decending from monkeys.In 1871 Darwin published his second most well known piece of work , the decscent of man,in which he applied human evolution.However he kept silent about his idea for 20 years before going public.His idea also challanges the fact that God has made all life and animals on earth which contracted the common views of christians in his era.

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DARWINISM: natural selection.

Natural selection is when the species are better adapeted to an enviroment so they stay alive longer and pass their adaptations onto their offspring in contrast to the speties that are not adapted as well which go extinct.


Homo sapiens are the latest specie of the hominins which have been shaped by millions of years of evolution they are todays humans that have industrialised our planet.They are also the only hominins to exist.

These species go back 2 million years ago which are the earliest homo species unlike other homo species they are alot unlike the rest and have more destinct human features

Early hominins


The next phase of homonin evolution are australopitechines they lived between 4.4-1.4 million years ago there was a change between the spine, legs and skull that indicate the change to a very human like trait.

Humanities earliest relatives lived between 7-4.4 million years ago in Africa and had many ape like features.

the story of humanities evolution began around 7 million years ago


Homo sapiens


the eldest DNA of a human relative was found in Sima De Los Huesos.

first people to evolve were in africa

Climate played a very large part in the colour of people

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first people were black as they started moving around the world they adapted to the environment

humans were lacking 2 genes which led to lightening the skin

the thurther north they moved the more vitamin d needed so people became lighter

poor agriculture which limited vitam D sources in food.

males prefered paler skin in northern latitude

between 70,000-100,000 years ago homo sapiens began migrating from the african continent and populating areas of europe and asia


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