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Appears once

Disappears once.

Disappears every time

Test !

Appears every time

When the key and the target element are combined, other objects appear or disappear

Drag and drop (DND)



Add the label to the correct picture


To turn rotation on and off, create two idential items. Group one with off/on.Group the other on/off and add a continuous rotation animation.Layer both object on top of each other. When the key elements are combined, the still object disappears and the rotation object appears. Can also be used for colour change, if you create idential objects in different colours

DND Rotation or colour change on/off,


Trigger objects :

appears each time the key elements are combined

Available Reactions when grouped with objects (in the example the 4 wheel shapes):

appears only once

disappears each time

disappear once

Use this template to create your drag and drop activity.

group this with the key object that gets moved ( in the example the green square)

group this with the target object that stays in place (in the example the pink square

(each can only be used once, but you don't have to use all of them)

Simple Drag and Drop

DND Rotation or colour change on/off,