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Elaborado por:Anibal López Velázquez Ameyatzin Qetzalli Sánchez Peña Lourdes Sánchez HuitronJulio 2023.


English grammar lesson

Can / Can't

It canWe canYou canThey can
I canYou canHe canShe can
Affirmative form
Yes, we can
Parrots can talk
Kangaroos can jump
Humans can jump, too
Cheetahs can run very fast
Some people can run very fast too
Dolphins can swim
Many people can swim too
Contraction of can not
It can'tWe can'tYou can'tThey can't
I can'tYou can'tHe can'tShe can't
Negative form
No, we can't
Parrots can't swim
Kangaroos can't talk.
Dolphins can't run
Elephants can't jump.
Short answersYes, I / you can.No, I / you can't.Yes, he / she can.No, he / she can't.Yes, we / you / they can.No, we / you / they can't.
QuestionsCan I?Can you?Can he?Can she?Can it?Can we? Can you?Can they?
Interrogative form
Yes, they can
Can dolphins swim?
No, they can't
Can elephants jump?
No, they can't
Can kangaroos fly?
Yes, they can
Can parrots talk?

Now you know how to use the verb can in the affirmative, negative and question forms.