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What is Blues Music?

Blues first originated from the deep south of the US around the 1860s.​ It first started when soldiers marched into Africa the home of many natives and forced them to leave by setting fire to every home in each area. If someone dared to run, they would be shot by a gun that all the soldiers had. After burning all the houses down, the natives would have to line up in a straight line, the soldiers would make them march for miles and miles until they reached a dock. The natives would have to get onto a large ship. Even though it was large ship there were many natives and wasn’t much room. The native would have to sleep on the floor and stay in one place until they came to the US. When they arrived after many days, they found many businessmen standing in a line opposite the natives. There was a soldier who shouted out names and prices and if your name was called you had to stand behind the businessman .​ After all the natives were chosen, they would be sent to work at a place. Regularly these place were on a farm, and the natives would have to work all day being watched and at night were sent to the furthest end of the farm away from their owner. To pass the time the natives, who probably didn’t even know each other, would sing songs from their village or family, the owners would hear these songs and never hearing these melodies before sent people to see what the sound is, they would choose one person to perform in front of their rich friends and soon it was a world-wide known music genre known as the Blues. ​ Over time, the Blues got more and more popular and different types of the Blues were created.

B.B King was an American Blues singer, songwriter ang guitarist who introduced a style of blues music that used soloing based on fluid string bending and shimmering vibrato that influenced many later blues electric guitar players.​ ​ B.B Kings most famous songs include his first No.1 hit the 3 o'clock blues, Riding with the king, When love comes to town, Rock me baby, You upset me baby, Paying the cost to be boss, Chains and Things and Sweet Sixteen.

B.B King


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