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Introduction toBudgetForms

Ability to Pay

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To understand...
  • What a budget form is
  • What to do with them & how to do it
  • What Affordability & Vulnerability do with them
  • Why we do all this for our customers

The goals set for you to acheive at the end of this e-learning ...


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Budget forms come in all shapes and sizes. A Budget Form is a document that we can use to assess a customers affordability in fine detail. We're not debt advisors, but looking at one can help us determine whether a customer is in need of some extra support, or it can in turn help a customer understand what they can afford.Take a look at how they can look from different organizations.We may also receive budget forms from these organizations too.

What are they?

Budget Forms.

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When you've assigned it, no need to close it, Intercom automatically unassigns it from you!

Then assign the intercom to 'Customer Budget Forms' This will then be picked up by our A&V team to work. Let your customer know you've sent it across and they'll do the rest!

If a customer has sent this through intercom, simply click on the 'Team' section under details in the top right corner.

As the Afforability & Vulnerabilty Team are trained specifically to assess these, we need to pass it on to them! Here's how!

What happens with these?

You can tell your customers that we aim to contact them within 48 hours of receiving this!

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This is when we would assign that to the 'Customer Budget Forms' intercom pot

A customer might let you know they're already in receipt of debt advice.

Once received, we use their debt advice to tailor their support for the next 3 months.

If no contact. A Letter is sent explaining outcome and expected action.

You Are Here!

Customer then has clear call to action and 28 days to seek further advice. We expect evidence within that timeframe.

No Paylink Completed - Flag Expires - Account BAU

We advise the customer to complete a Paylink Budget

Contact Made.Offer the correct support and relevant campaign flags added.

2 Contact AttemptsMade over1 week (5 working days)

Process once we have the budget form.

Make sure the form is not manually filled in! It needs to have been completed with a Debt Advisor.

'Paylink referral' flag is added for 7 days.

If no evidence within the timeframe, Flag Expires. Account Treatment BAU

If paylink is completed. Our team replace 'paylink referral' flag with 'paylink completed' flag for 2 weeks

Make sure the Budget Form is recent! (within the last 3 months)

Customer expresses affordability issues outside of our usual terms/ self referral

We do need to keep an eye out for a couple of things too! Click the guru's stars for some tips!

The Affordability & Vulnerability Team will handle this part, but it's always useful for you to know the process just in case the customer wants to know what will happen when you've finished your call!

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Ensures the customer is set up on the right arrangement, in line with our policies and processes.

Helps the customer understand their financial situation, enabling them to budget better.

Provides us with evidence to back up any arrangement we may need to set up that could be outside of our policies and processes.

Let's us know the best direction the point the customer if they are in need of extra support

One of the main reasons for us needing to obtain a budget form is to help us and the customer understand their situation.

To Understand the customers situation.

Why do we need a budget form?

By putting the pieces together, it helps us understand how we can help & support a customer in the most efficient way possible.

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