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5. The end

4. Main events

3. Causes

2. Main characters

1. When?



From April 15 to April 20 of 1961

The Bay of Pigs invasion was a military operation in which Cuban exile paramilitary troops, supported by the United States government, attempted to invade Cuba to try to create a beachhead, form a provisional government to replace Fidel Castro one and seek the support of the Organisation of American States and the recognition of the international community.

Cuba (Fidel Castro)

Main characters

USA (Jhon F Kennedy) and CIA.

Main cause

The main cause occurred when Fidel Castro rose to power in Cuba and demanded that US troops withdraw from their territories except for Guantanamo Bay, which legally belonged to the United States. This caused the United States to lose large amounts of money. But what really upset the United States was that a former ally sympathized with its ideological opponent, the Soviet Union.

Brigade 2506 was no more than a few dozen former officers of the Batista army, the recruitment began between the months of April and May of 1960. This brigade was made up of several battalions. The sources currently tell us about an approximate number of 1,200 or 1,500 men integrated into Brigade 2506.

During 24 hours, Castro ordered approximately 20,000 soldiers to advance towards the beach. As the situation grew bleaker, President Kennedy authorized an "aerial umbrella." At dawn on April 19, six US planes took off to help defend the flight of a US plane, but they were an hour late and the Cubans shot them down.

The bridage 2506
The counter attack

Main events

At the end the Kennedy set, was completely crushed by the militias and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba. More than a hundred invading soldiers were killed, and the Cuban army captured 1,200 US soldiers.

Who won?

The end

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