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the technical drawing

thecnical drawing( or draftin) is a type of drawing that visually explains how something works and is built.

how much is important?

it is important for conveying ideas in industries and engineeringISO(international standard organizazion):is an international standard for the coding of units of measurement and symbols of technical drawing.

a new drawing method

Today few people use a different method of drawing, the CAD(Computer Aided Design), it is also modern is used for speed up the design process.

tools and instruments


Instrument and tool are used for mechanical drawimg and allow you to draw a machine,a building ect..For example, they are many types of paper where we have to choose the texture and format.


This also have particular charcteristic.are classificated by their tips,example ballpopint pen, rollerball pens etc.The draftman usually uses a HOLLOW NIB PEN to draw regular lones

this is the basic tools, is made by wood an graphite and are classified from H to B-H stand for Hardness-B stand for BlacknessEX.B+numer: softH+number: hardthe standard is HB, the most common used.