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the live in al-andalus and christian kingdoms

middle ages

the live in al-andalus

In Al-Andalus most of people were Muslims and Arabic was the official language. Their religion was Islam and the holy bookof Islam is Quran.The have one good Allah, and his prophet,Muhammad.The muslims have the mosques to practise and study their religion. In Al-Andalus different groups coexisted: The Muslimswas the powerful group in Al-Andalus and held positions in the goverment. The Muladies were Christians who converted to Islam. The Mozarabs were Christians who didn´t convert to Islam. The Jews were a minority and they lived in juderías. In the city have the alcázar a fortress with denfensives walls,a souk,a central market of the city and outside of the walls were arrabales a working-class neignbourhoods.

the live in christian village

The society in christian kingdoms was organised in three groups:The nobility ,the clergyand the workers. The nobility were ladies and knights,they lived in castle,the king gave them land, they proctected the king and his land.This was called vassalage and ladies carried their children and managed the land but the knights were at war. The clergy was bishops,priests,nuns,monks...They carried out religious and cultural activities,thre were churchesand big monasteries were built. Workers were peasents and some were craftspeople and merchants. The life in the contryside was bad because the majoroty of people were peasents,they paid taxes to the king, the Church and the landowner and peasents survived on a poor diet and no medicines and didn´t live very long. The live in the castle was good because the medieval castles was proctected by walls,moatsand towers,the family have a banquet roon to receive important visitors and have soldiers to protect himself.

the live in the christian city

From htw 12th century, trade expandedand cities increased in size:The medieval cities were surrounded by walls and city gates were closd at night.The city was governed by a council, the city was organisaded into boroughs,the important buildings were the cathedral, the city hall and the palace of the nobles and rich merchants,some cities had a university and the important events of the city took place in the main square.