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Create financial reports

Objetive: To ensure compliance with donors, the Program Financial Management Unit (PFMU) prepares the Donor Financial Reports (FR), income/expenditure as of the reporting period end date, mandated by the donor contract.



Verify the donor agreements and donor reporting templates related to the composition of the approved budget categories by reading the contract and any update email fromemail from PMU.

GIZ Template

BMGF Template

FAO Template


CIMMYT Template

FFAR Template


DFS sends dissemination

Identifies the Project Reporting Schedule and fills out the "Elaboration Data Base" (EDB). In case the contract does not require an FR -as a rule- an internal standard FR will be prepared and filled once a year and at the end of the contract.

+ AX detail

Step 1

Standard Donor Report

To start the preparation of the donors' FR, the Financial Analyst downloads the “Standard Donor Report” of the project from AX and saves it as an Excel file in the corresponding reporting period file.

1. Select Project Contract 2. Start date 3. End date

Then, the Financial Analyst imports the information to Excel in the PFMU shared drive by saving a new excel file, into the Workpapers folder: