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2. Sustainable activities

Zurich, a sustainable city

1. What is sustainability?

3. Zurich

4. The 2000w society

6. Zurich and nature

5. Why is Zurich sustainasble?

The sustainability It is a condition of a development model that satisfies the needs of the present generation without compromising the life of future generations. To promote sustainability and help maintain it, it is necessary to reduce harmful practices:

  • use recycled materials
  • promote sustainable mobility
  • install renewable energy
  • sources reduce waste

Which are the soustainable activities?Zurich, like all cities that want to achieve sustainability, is based on very useful activities for this final goal:

  • waste management, activity that starts from the population and than arrive to the companies that recover, transform and dispose of waste
  • production of renewable energy by exploiting the sun, the wind, rivers and many other sources that allow us to create energy.

How is Zurich?Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and a cultural center of German-speaking Switzerland. While not the capital of its country, it is one of the first cities to be visited. Zürich is near to the Swiss Alps. Zurich is an expensive city but also clean, efficient and blessed with a high standard of living. Zurich has attracted people from the rest of Switzerland but also from the rest of Europe. This means that you will hear more languages.

What is the 2000 watt society? Scientists from the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich state that a human being needs 2,000 watts to live sustainably. In stating this they have highlighted the "2000 Watt society" and, to arrive on this goal you need a lot of commitment. this commitment mainly interested Zurich which has the goal of achieving this by 2050.

Zurich:the most sustainibly city. Today Zurich is the biggest sustainable cities in the world; to be defined as such, various characteristics and points are considered that determine the eco-sustainability of countries in the world. These points to consider are:

  • "quality of life" where Zurich claims the twenty-seventh position
  • "economic health" where Zurich claims the fifth position

The relationship between Zurich and nature We can say who Zurich also has an excellent relationship with nature. In this city we can find numerous nature reserves and parks which are so clean. Picnics are also very frequent in the population who spend a lot of time in town like this. Between the most beautiful and cleanest parks in Zurich and natural areas where you can practice many activities we have:

  • Mount Uetlimberg
  • Zoo Zurich
  • Lake of Zurich
  • Botanical Garden

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