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Miguel de la Fuente


Relation whit unit

Type of energy genereated


Why it happens

When it happens


Where it happens

The chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion occurred in chernobyl, as its name sais, but the radioactive cloud that the explosion created reached almost the entire former soviet union, which is now countries like Belarus, Ukraine, and the Russian Federation.

Where it happens

The explosion was on April 26, 1986, leaving more than 100,000 deaths and 8.1M people injured by the toxic gases from the radioactive cloud, also pregnant mothers had their children with malformations or left dead.

When it happens

What caused the accident? Reactor number four HPC (high power capacitor) at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Pripyat (Ukraine) exploded. Those responsible for the plant did not follow the safety measures of the plant and the uranium fuel in the reactor overheated.

Why it happens



The energy produced by this nuclear power plant, like all nuclear power plants, is nuclear energy, which is the energy coming from nuclear reactions, or from the disintegration of some atoms, as a consequence of the release of the energy stored in their nucleus, this energy source is the most polluting energy source.

Type of energy generated

Chernobyl's relationship with the unit is that it is a nuclear plant, which produced nuclear energy, and in this unit we have seen the different sources of energy and nuclear energy is one of them, also one day in class we talked about this explosion so for That reason I have decided to make my exposition of this

Relation with the unit