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Communication:MORSE CODE

To move on to the next slide...SOS is a _______ signal.

Morse Code

Hint if the website doesn't work.
To move on to the next slide...what word do we use to help remember the morse code for the letter "M"?
Press on the link to the right to practice the letters of the alphabet in morse code.*Press "play a demo on desktop"- if you don't see this pop up, reduce the zoom on your browser window.

Morse Code...Practice the Alphabet

Decode this message (2 words) to move on to the next slide(include the space between the 2 words).Use the picture to the left as a refrence.... -.-. .. . -. -.-. ..-. ..- .-.. . ...
Jeremiah, while a POW in vietnam, was able to send the US a message using morse code by ____________
Press the link to the right.
  • Come up with a message to share with your classmates & translate it to morse code.
  • Your message should be appropriate & positive.
  • For your exit ticket- type your message in BOTH morse code & English.

Morse Code Messages

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