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I was in bed because I was sick and l’d got a high temperature

His name's Rudy and in this photo he was seven years old. He had short black and white hair and a light brown face.

When I was born he was already at our house and he kept me company until the age of six where after he had a heart attack

Rudy never wanted to go out, he was always sleepy, he ate a lot and he was very fond of me and I to him.

Every time i went to bed he was always close to me, especially in this photo, or where i was playing with my games he was always there for me while he playing whit his. We had a lot in common.

I choose this photo becouse the figure of my dog has characterized my childhoor as it has always been next to me in the moments of play and especially in the moments when i was not well. his presence always made my smile.