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Art teacher


Created by Joelle Comé

Brigitte Tuégaz

Introduce yourself

She is Brigitte Tuégaz

your info.

Her birthday is June 10th

She lives in Emarèse

She is Italian

Her age is 28 years old

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*How old are you?

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Physical Description & Clothes




She has long brown hair, she has freckles, she has green eyes and she wear pink glasses. She is 1.70 tall and she has many muscles.

She love the clothes. Today she is wearing a white t-shirt with a blue gilet, a grey skirt and the black heels.

Favourite Things



3 She love to watch the sunset every evening.

Favourite things

She love to go on the mountains

She reads detective stories

House & family



Family & Pets


Her mum is Camille, her dad is Didier, her sister is Angéline and her brother is Gontran. She has one cat Lola and one dog Lampo.

Her house is behind the church of San Pantaleone, decorated with beautiful flowers.

Daily routine & hobbies

Routine + hobbies + abilities



She is the teacher, and every child of the village call her: Brigitte the super Teach! She wakes up at 7:00 o’clock and she takes a coffee. After she goes on foot to school, she starts her lesson. She lovs her work and the relationship with the children. In the evening she goes home and she drinks a delicious Tè, she goes to sleep at 10:00 o’clock.

She has a very good memory and she sing very well and the most important thing she believe in is the children.