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Created by Elisa Favre

Carmela Festini

Introduce yourself

Carmela Festini

your info.

My birthday is 9th June

I live Valle d' Aosta

IMy nationalityis Italian

I am 11 years old

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*Where do you live?

*What´s your phone number?

*How old are you?

*Where are you from?

Physical Description & Clothes

I am wearing a pink t-shirt, and a three quarter pants. I have pink shoes I am wearing sunglasses black and circlet pink.


I am slim and short. I have brown hair and eyes.

Favourite Things

2I like to read books

1I like music

3I walk the dog

Favourite things

House & family


My mum is Luana Hänsel and my dad is Mario Festini. My brother is Gino Festini and he is very friendly but all my family is friendly. We have two cats and one dog. They make me laugh when they play.

Family & Pets

My house is big.My house has two floors and eight rooms: two bathrooms, four bedrooms, one kitchen and one living room.

Daily routine & hobbies

Routine + hobbies + abilities


In the morning I get up 6.30. I get dressed at 6.40, I have breakfast at 7 o'clock.