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Frédéric Chopin




historia del el vals del minuto

Cuenta la leyenda que estando en Nohant, en pleno corazón de Berry, Francia, George Sand retó a Frédéric Chopin a escribir una pieza inspirada en un pequeño cachorro que giraba en círculos tratando de morderse la cola.


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Vals del minuto (Valse "Minute Waltz")

I've got minuteJust a little minuteI have only got a minuteJust a minuteI have only got a minuteThat is all the time I haveTo sing this tiny little minute waltzIt isn't easy but I'll try it thenI've got to say goodbyeBut first I'll take a minuteAnd put in itEvery note that you may knowThat less I sing a little minute waltzAnd hope I can sing with no faultsI know it's difficultI'll give it every last breath that I've got within my bodyHope that my performance won't be very shoddySinging every moment won't do wonders for my throatI probably will end up hoarseOf course I will I've got it down a wagerThat I made I will I wantI know its not the money but theSatisfaction that I get from winning moneyOn this silly kind of betThough this kind of solo wasn't his intentionChopin isn't here to make an interventionSo with your permissionAnd no intermissionI will sing each noteThat that composer wroteAs you can hear my trillingIsn't very thrillingBut no one can sayI wasn't very willingTo attempt a thing that's not been doneAnd just for fun to sing the minute waltzAs I sing the seconds flyAll too soon the minute waltzes byAnd now I ask you where am IHalfway through the tune and I'm falling far behindI have less than thirty secondsLess than thirty secondsLess than thirtyLess than half a minuteI have less than thirty secondsI have less than half a minuteTo complete this little minute waltzBut every note that's in the score I buyThe sands of time I know are pouring at meWith my bet and honour with the moneyDown to some big store and there to buy a honeyAnd a trophy for myselfTo put upon the shelfTo show the world I've wonOh, the second hand is rushing round the dialAnd though I'd like to end this torture with a smileAnd lest someone knows how to stop the clockYou're gonna see me cryBefore I say goodbye_____ To complete the songBut I'm afraid my little lungs will burst before too longIf only I can last this dayI won't have failed to sing a little minute waltz.Fuente: LyricFindCompositores: Don Harper / Frederic Francois +1849 Chopin / Frederic Francois ChopinLetra de The Minute Waltz © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, IncDescripciónEl Vals del minuto, Op. 64, n.º 1 es una pieza para piano en Re bemol mayor, compuesta por Frédéric Chopin. Este vals fue publicado al mismo tiempo que los valses en do sostenido menor y en la bemol mayor, entre 1846 y 1847.

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