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Video-presentación miembro familia. AA3-EV01Reina Cecilia Viana

Juan Sarrazola


This photo, we are celebrating my last birthday, my family and me. On the left is Faver, my sister's husband, my brother-in-law, on the right is my sister Kelly and me in the middle.

Faver is wearing a white shirt and dark shorts, his beard is white. One of his characteristics is that he's very funny in the pictures, so we are pretending to be tall at that moment. My sister is wearing a white blouse and blue jeans, her hair is curly, and then, there's me, in a dark blue t-shirt and torn jeans.

The funniest thing we do, is we're looking at different places and not at the camera and we're smiling because the moment looks kind of spontaneous. I really enjoy spending time with them, you don't see what they have going on

¡Thanks so much!