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the tour of the modern art gallery

The Empedocle Restivo Art Gallery (also called Civic Gallery of Modern Art, GAM) is a civic museum of modern art located in Via Sant'Anna, in the Kalsa district of the historic center of Palermo, which was born in 1910.

Modern Art Gallery

Antonino Leto was born in Monreale in 1844, is an Italian figurative painter adhering to the literary movement "verismo", in 1880 he went to Sicily.He was painter of seascapes and popular scenes, such as "La Mattanza" and "Vecchio Pescatore", he also painted scenes of everyday life. In 1913 he died in Capri.

ANTONINO LETO (1844-19139)

Exhibited for the first time at the modern art gallery of Palermo

Paese con marina

This painting was executed in Florence during the artist's first year of retirement.In the clear light of an early summer morning, two peasants are smoking on the crag of a hill, there are many houses on the banks.Antonino Leto was influenced by the painters Eugenio Cecconi and Francesco Gioli.