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Addiction to video games is the addiction that affects most young people, a person addicted to video games does not want to do anything other than just play, it interferes with both studying and working as an adult
A person addicted to tobacco has the name of "tabagismo" and smoking tobacco results in problems in the lungs which makes people unable to breathe normally like a non-smoking person.
The use of aloolic drinks and a person is always drinking without thinking about it, when people drink together they can become more aggressive with their friends and it brings several health problems such as liver cancer, stroke and many other problems
The use of drugs consists of a person always using / smoking drugs, in this way the person is completely lost and this hurts his psychological

The types of addictions i know is:

I know many types of addictions like drug addiction, drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco and being addicted to video games

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Yes, I agree with that following sentence because when people are using drugs they say they are "relaxed" but in fact they are only ruining their health and killing themselves little by little

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Drugs take you to hell, disguised as heaven.' – Donald Lynn Frost

When Adele reached fame when she was just 19 years old, with the album 19. With very low self-esteem for considering herself out of the norm, the singer abused alcoholic beverages before performing to overcome nervousness, which ended up becoming an addiction like this like his father, who was an alcoholic.~One of the moments that made Adele rethink this addiction was precisely during a performance in which she was drunk on stage and forgot the lyrics to her own songs.To deal with her addiction, the singer decided to live a more secluded life, which ended up making the situation worse. It was only in 2011, after giving birth to her son and undergoing vocal surgery, that Adele managed to give up alcohol and cigarettes.

famous who battled addiction.

As a personal experience, I was already addicted to video games. I spent more than 8 hours a day just playing but I stopped some time ago because it interfered with my studies and only brought consequences for myself. Now I play but I don't make life a game. because games are not going to help me in the future to choose my job now I just spend time there to distract myself and I can say that I no longer have this addiction of spending hours and hours just playing

My personal experience