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Help identify when something is happening.

Voices: passive and active voice

Perfect progressive: when sometihng begins and ends

16 verbal times

Perfect: something is happening in a specific period of time

Simple: moment when something is happening

Continous: something is happening in a long and specific time.

Verbal Times: simple, continuos, perfect, progressive.

Human experiences in time: present, past and future



Verbs in English

Used to place emphasis on the subject: the person or thing doing the action.

Active Voice

1. The boy wins the marathon. 2. The boy ran the marathon.3. The winner is very happy.

Active Sentences

1. Used to place emphasis on the object receiving the action. 2. Or When the subject is unkown or not important

Passive Voice

1. My wallet is stolen. 2. My wallet was stolen by the thief.

Passive Voice

The Eiffel Tower in Paris was completed in 1889.

I painted the door green last week.

Sally has broken the window.

The lion was killed by the hunter.

Passive or Active Sentences

Active Voice

Subject + verb + object My Wife chose the wall paper.

Object + Verb to BE + Participle Verb + by + subject The wall paper was chosen by my wife.

Passive Voice

Past of BE + past participle + by

Present of Be + Past Participle


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