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My reading habits

Sandro Oliveira nº14 nºB


Do you often read books ?

No i don' read books i only read wen i have to.

Which is your favourite place to read?

I dont have a favourite place to read .

Which was the book you have read that you liked the most?

The book that i like the most was the litle prince.

Which do you prefer: reading books or whatchig films? Why?

I prefer whatching films because it caths my attention.

What fictional caracter would you like to be? Why ?

The caracter would be Dominic Toretto from the franchise Fast and Furious. Why? Because he was the first caracter that i wanted to be like him.

In your opinion, which are the two most important benefits of reading?

In my opinion the most importants benefits of readind are gain knowlodge and your vocabulary improves.