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Reported orders andrequests


An order is when somebody tells you to do something and you have no choice. It is not usually polite. It is a "command". Reported orders are one form of reported speech.

When we want to report an order we can use a verb like 'tell' with a to-clause, The indirect object is the person spoken to.

verb + indirect object + to-clause

Do you want some examples?

The english teacher said to me, "Stop eating gum"The english teacher told me to stop eating gum

She asked me to be quiet.

The doctor said: "Don't smoke in here!"

"Could you please be quiet," she said.

The doctor told them not to smoke in there.


A request is when somebody asks you to do something. It´s usually polite. Reported request are one form of reported speech.

We usually introduce reported requests with the verb "ask", We may need to change pronouns as well as time and place.

verb (ask) + noun/pronoun + to-infinitive

Do you want some examples?

She said: "Could you open the window, please?"She asked me to open the window

He asked them not to smoke

I said: "Please make less noise"

He said: "Please don´t smoke"

I asked them to make less noise


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