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Giovan Lorenzo Bernini ( Naples, December 7, 1598 - Rome, November 28, 1680 ) was an Italian sculptor , urban planner , architect , painter , set and playwright . A versatile and multifaceted artist, Bernini is considered the protagonist of the Baroque figurative culture . His work was a resounding success and dominated the European scene for more than a century after his death; similarly, Bernini's influence on contemporaries and posterity was enormous.

Giovan Lorenzo Bernini

Bernini sculptor

Gian Lorenzo Bernini's sculptures are characterized by an electrifying dynamism, a powerful technical virtuosity, an irrepressible expressive exuberance, a vigorous psychological representation and a scenographic theatricality. Before physically carrying out the work, Bernini externalized his project by making quick sketches and notes, or by modeling small clay sketches, a design method certainly more akin to Bernini's spirit. After modeling, Bernini scraped the surfaces with the use of rasps and files, to then smooth them with abrasives of various kinds and finally polish them with tripoli and burnt straw.



Year : 1623–24 Type: Sculpture Medium: Marble Subject: David Dimensions: 170 cm (67 in) Location: Galleria Borghese, Rome

by gian lorenzo bernini

Bernini resumed a biblical myth already treated by Donatello, Michelangelo Buonarroti, and Andrea Verrocchio.. The frowning expression of Bernini's David It is in this way that Bernini's chisel gave life to a work full of dynamism. David's great concentration, about to make a gesture that could completely change the fate of the battle, is in fact confirmed by numerous details, all carefully studied by Bernini the gaze is directed towards the target, while the lips are pursed with effort. Furthermore, the statue is set towards various views, each of which serves to capture David's rotational momentum in a different way. Seen from the side, the biblical hero reveals a certain instability, due to the loading of the slingshot; frontally, however, the scene appears almost frozen, suspended in the moment in which David takes aim before throwing the stone. Regardless of the point of view, however, the David lends itself to the observer as an athlete who, in full physical effort highlighted by the play of light and shadow generated by the location of the work and the environmental conditions of the Gallery




David by Bernini

Dvid by Michelangelo

Dvid by Donatello

It represents the boy immediately after the killing of Goliath; David is standing, totally naked, apart from the shoes and a wide-brimmed hat, decorated with a garland, called a "petaso". The left hand rests on the hip holding a stone, while the right arm is along the body and the hand grips the hilt of a sword

it represents the young hero about to throw the stone at the giant Goliath. Traditionally David was depicted standing, often with the head of Goliath at his feet.

The sculpture conceived by Michelangelo has a classic aspect in the conception of the character, in the representation and in the forms. David is standing and looks like a Greek god, heroic and proud. The moment depicted in the marble is the one preceding the throwing of the stone that will kill Goliath.


"Bernini manages to involve the viewer by entrusting him with an active and emotional role in the narrated story: in this case, the uncomfortable role of the Roman soldiers who have just covered Christ with parodic royal insignia and are now mocking, insulting and spitting on him"