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Welcome to our special trip for two, from Naples to London! We have created an unforgettable experience for you, with round-trip flights, stops in selected hotels and an estimated budget of €1,500 for the whole trip. Here's what you can expect during this fantastic journey:

  • Departure from Naples : June 8
  • Date and time : Estimated departure 7:00
  • Departure airport : Naples Airport, Italy (NAP)
  • Airline : Ryanair
  • Departure Time : 8:00am
  • Arrival Time : 10:50am
  • Flight Duration : 2.50min
  • Arrival airport : London Airport (Gatwick)


At the airport exit, a taxi will be waiting for you to take you to the hotel


Hotel: Royal London St'PaulLength of stay: 3 days Hotel services: rooms, restaurant and room service, cleaning, Wi-Fi and internet connection, fitness center and spa and more...

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  • There will be a guide who will take you on your exploration of London, during your stay in London, you can visit many famous attractions, such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Natural History Museum and much more . We advise you to plan your itinerary according to your personal preferences and interests. Always consult the guide's itinerary.


Buckingham Palace

Exploring London:

Big ben

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Departure Airport : London Airport (Gatwick)Arrival Airport : Naples Airport, Italy (NAP)


Airline : RyanairDeparture time : 3:30pm Arrival time : 6:20pmFlight time : 2.50min


Please note that specific details such as dates, flight times and hotel names should be confirmed at the time of booking as they may be subject to availability and price changes. Estimated budget: 1500€ for the whole trip (for both people) The estimated budget includes round-trip flights, hotel accommodation, and transfers between the airport and hotel. Local transport, sightseeing is also included in the budget, but souvenirs and additional expenses are not included.


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