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How it has changed over the years and what it will hold for the future



Negative side

· Society within 30 years

· Covid 19 and smart working

· Changes

· Definition


By "technology" we generally mean the combined use of different disciplines - from the most abstract such as mathematics to the most practical such as engineering - used to make the production of goods and services as efficient and economical as possible.




what we can do

Technology has changed many aspects of our lives. Thanks to technology, in fact, we can:


+ examples

Cutting-edge or even non-existent things will be available today: laboratory-raised meat, or digital cabinets, or robot surgeons. You can go to Mars or the moon, take an electric and light flying taxi piloted by pilots sitting in the cockpit or semi-autonomous, with pilots who will control it from the ground.

How is society going to be?

  • - sarà impossibile riconoscere le fake news, dato che riceveremo solo news (o suggerimento libri da leggere) adatte alle nostre esigenze; scomparirà il confronto (vitale) con gli altri e quindi anche il nostro spirito critico. - l’uso indiscriminato dell’AI - Intelligenza Artificiale (ovvero un insieme di circuiti elettronici e di istruzioni software capaci di dare l'impressione, a un osservatore umano, di essere alle prese con un altro uomo e non con una macchina) non sappiamo dove ci porterà se a capo del “progetto di sviluppo” vi fosse qualcuno senza etica morale o umanità - il robot potrà superare ed eliminare l’uomo
  • - Language will be increasingly poor due to the spread of acronyms, emoticons...
  • - We will all appreciate the new conveniences and be less and less active with obvious repercussions on our cognitive processes and our physical/mental health
  • - many people will isolate themselves even more
  • - the sky will be invaded by satellites, taxis, drones, which at some point will exhaust the life cycle... and they will fall on us - we will be increasingly listened to, recorded, profiled and someone will possess all this information and can use it for themselves or give it for profit to those who manage the algorithms that will regulate our lives

Negative side