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May 15- 26, 2023

Social Media Analytics Analysis DBK Facebook

Audience Reach

Accounts Reached means that other acounts users have seen your content. This month was a total of 4.2K but with 2 weeks of me posting it shows that there was in increase. This is a comparison in April and 2 weeks May. Remember we only started posting for 2 weeks. If we had the whole month planned a bit better, the numbers could have looked diffrent. But the numbers are not too bad!

April and May Comparsion

This reel did good on reach, likes, and comments. This reel had the most comments in the month of May.

This content did well in reach and did well in likes. This reel was the most liked this month.

This post had the most reach. However it did not do well in reactions/ likes.




May Content/ Reels Insight

May had less reach however the interaction was really good. That means we are reaching the right people. Your audiance is interacting with the reels.


April had a good amount of reach however the likes were not there for the amount of reach.


Comparison of Content April and May

We need to make sure our content is trying to reach the ages of 25- 34 and 25-44.

Audience Info



Who are we reaching?

+ info

We are slowly reaching our goal in getting more engagement from your audiance.

Did we reachour Goals?

Did not reach our short term goal of weekly updates, highlights of whats new, and show casing drinks .


The audiance rearch decreased, however likes did increase.

We are seeing what your audiace wants and room to grow.


We reached more likes. Having more reactions (likes) is good because it will build relationships with your audience. Building relationships will build a commmunity and that can mean loyal clients. Quality Over Quantity, this means that we are honing down on the right people. Have a small group who care rather than a large group that wont interact.

Pros and Cons

Social Media Strategy

New plan: More reels for more exposure. Make more baking w/ DBK. More post with updates with DBK.More stories Weekly updates and highlights of whats new Show casing drinks Lets Plan Early- list of what your making so i can put into the content calender. having someone assigned to get content and up it into a drive shares w/ me . Remember ther was only 2 weeks of posting. We need a plan for content therefore we can put out more content! Any other goals ?



Thank You!