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Monsters: Before the cataclysm "Stormterror is the last of the fireline dragons and the Eastern Dragon of the Four Winds of Mondstrat. The true name of the noble creature know as Stormterror is "Eastern Dragon" of the Four Winds. He once defended Mondstrat from a great catastrophe. However, during the cataclysm five hundred years ago, he became Mondstrat's ennemy." There are also killer flying pigs and highly toxic black desert frogs. There are over 100 different kinds of monsters in Mondstrat. We also find lot of undeads, straight out of the fire at the center of the earth. toxic black desert frog (yes, it looks like she's pouting)

Back when the Earth was nothing but dust, The King of Mondstrat wants to find a new hero to kill the big dragon. Because, since the cataclysm and the dragon became dangerous, Mondstrat looks like a ghost land with a lot of fire, without grass and water. Now in this land, we find undeads come to the ground, a lot of monsters. The atmosphere in these lands is heavy and gloomy. Artemisa has been summoned by the king to kill the dragon and try to save Mondstrat. Will she be able to save the land? Play to follow the heroine's story and find out if she's succeeded in her mission.

Character: Artemisa our heroine, the best archer on these lands. She is a normal girl in apparence in this fire period but she wants to fight the different monsters in this lands to help villagers and take some money. But this girl is not normal beacause she holds a legendary bow with magical powers. She has been summoned by the king to slay the dragon ravaging Mondstrat. She's an unrivalled killer, having killed over 200 different monsters. She's been trained to kill since she was a child. She wants revenge for the death of her parents, who were killed by monsters. Abilities and weapon: She has an impressive attack speed. She can fire up to 8 arrows simultaneously. She's very agile and, above all, very cunning. She'll stop at nothing! His bow is made of noble materials imbued with magic. It is unbreakable and the best weapon on the continent.

Mondstrat: Before the cataclysm "A free city that lies in the northeast of the continent of Teyvat. The breeze of freedom carrying the scent of dandelions rises from the mountains and crosses the vast plains, passing over Lake Cider to bring blessing to the people. King Archon, lies at the heart of Mondstrat. Before the cataclysm, peace reigned, the inhabitants were so happy and trade was at its peak... "

This game is very interesting, is a mixte of open world and dark fantasy game. If you play this game we have a very nice resolution, a good challenging narration and grueling experience. We find a lot of new monsters and characters with different abilities. It's a difficult game but it's not insurmountable. Now it's your turn to discover the world of Teyvat. Play as the heroine and defeat Stormterror. The game will be available for purchase from June 25, 2023 at a price of $65 Available on PS5, PS4, PC and Switch Thank you FRANCES Lucie