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Queen were a British rock band, formed in London in 1970 from the meeting between singer and pianist Freddie Mercury, guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor; the creation of this group was completed in 1971, with the entry of bassist John Deacon. In the summer of 1972 they start working on the first album "Queen", which comes out the following year. After a good positive result for the single "Killer Queen", the first real success of the group comes with the third album "Sheer Heart Attack". But it is with "Night at the Opera", launched in 1975, that Queen become the most famous band on the planet.
Queen's most famous song is undoubtedly "Bohemian Rhapsody" but among the best songs of the group we have "We Are the Champions". Queen played live for the last time on August 9, 1986 in Knebworth (England), in front of 120,000 spectators, closing their live activity after 707 concerts in 26 different countries, distributed over 15 years. Freddie Mercury's death on November 23, 1991 effectively marks the end of the band, which only partially reformed starting in 2005, with May and Taylor accompanied by singers Paul Rodgers (until 2009) and Adam Lambert (since 2011).
WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS- NEWS OF THE WORLD Published in 1977, “We are the Champions” is an anthem for all victories, for revenge after a difficult moment and for victory obtained with sweat. Freddie mercury said: “I was thinking about a football match when I wrote this. I wanted to compose an anthem that would stay in the minds of all fans, giving it more theatricality than a simple football chant could have.”
FREDDIE MERCURY Was born on 5 september 1946, he is remembered for his vocal talent infact he is considered one of the most celebrated and influential artists in rock history and he is recognized as on of the best frontmen ever. He died on 23 november 1991 of AIDS