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Imaginary Worlds : Portfolio


In what ways do imaginary world and fairy tales reflect and challenge societal norms and value ?

ANgèle Prstojevic

III. Cartoon "Beauty And the Beast", 1991 by Disney studio

I. American author Edgar Allan POe tales " The tell-tale heart" and "the fall of the House of Usher"

II. The video game " Woolfe: The red hood diaries (2015)

Table of Contents:

video game " Woolfe: red hood diaries" 2015
Edgar allan poe's Tales : " The fall of the house of Usher" and "The tell-tale heart"

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beauty and the best-1991 disney's movie

Imaginary Worlds and fairy tales has long been a source of inspiration and fascination, captivating audience with their enchanting stories and fantastical settings. Past their excitement esteem, these works often serve as powerful for challenging and refelcting societal norms and values.In this portfolio, we will explore how EdGar allan poe's famous and frigntening tales the "tell-Tale heart" and "The fall of the house of Usher" delves into themes of madness, guilt and the macabre while confronting the dark aspect of human nature, as well as the video game "Woolfe: The red hood diaries" (2015) , that twist the classic fairy tale of "little red riding hood" and ransform it into a dark and gloomy world, we will also explore the cartoon " Beauty and the beast" how portray the story of Belle, a young and clever girl who looks beyond the scary appareanc of the beats, challanging the notion of beauty in the society can shed lights on societal norms and values.We may ask ourselvers how fairy tales and imaginary reflect and challenge societal norms and values ? after exploring the reflection of societal norms and values in Edgar allan's poe works we will see how they are challenged in " Woolfe: Red hood diaries" and in the movie " beauty and the beast".


eveloppement: detailled plan: I. Analyse of Edgar Allan's poe works 1. Analysing of the "tell-tale heart" a. exploring guilt, madness and immorality in the storyb. Exploring societal norms concerning mental health and crimes2. Analysies of " The fall of the house of Usher" a. analyse of the themes of supernatural, isolation and madnessb. Exploring aspect societal values concerning mental health, family and societal decline. II. Analyse of the video game "Woolfe: The Red hood diaries"1. How the game's represent gender roles and stereotypes a. analyses of the empowerment of the main character and re-visit of "Little red riding hood"b. reversal of traditional gender expectations 2.Game's critique of social hierarchies and oppresives forces a. exploring resistance against oppressive regime III. Analyse of the film "Beauty and the Beast"1. Exploring the representation of love and beauty in the film a. Critique of superficiality and the importance and value of inner qualities and beauty b. analyses of societal expectation concerning physical appareance 2.Analyse of gender roles and societal expectations towards women in fairy tales as well as societal judgement towards differents social classes a. Exploration of the representation of traditional gender norms and stereotypesb. exploring Beast's transformation and redemption and the importance of empathy against societal prejudice.

imaginary worlds and fairy tales, such as Edga Allan Poe's stories and tales and the various media forms explored in this portfolio, play a crucial role in reflecting and challenging societal norms and values. Indeed, Through their imaginative narratives as in edgar allan poe's tales where he invites the reader to question societal norms and explores the hidden darkness within ourselves. In fact, these works encourage audiences to question established beliefs and stereotypes by exploring diferente perspectives as in the video game how encourage players to question oppressive systems and envision a world where individuals can challenge and redefine their roles. As well as in "the Beauty and the beast" who by challenging gender stereotypes and emphasize the power of empathy reflects a social shifts towards more egalitarian values Finally, i think that it is revelant to see how by immersing ourselves in these imaginary worlds and exploring multiples themes such as apparenances, gender roles, rebellion and guilt, these fictions invite us to re-think our own beliefs and contribute to the ongoing transformation of our world. this porfolio can made us question about the image and stereotypes of the women in fairytales, as we can see and learn in the study " The pervasiness and persistance of the feminine Beauty Ideal in children's fairy tales" by Lory Baker-Sperry and Liz grauerholz.


Angèle Prstojevic