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Created by Alessia Popa

Marco Bianchi

Introduce yourself

His name is Marco Bianchi

your info.

He birthday is on the 9th April

His town is Roma

His nationality is Italian

He is 11 years old

*What´s your name?

*Where do you live?

*What´s your phone number?

*How old are you?

*Where are you from?

Physical Description & Clothes

He is wearing one gray and green sweatshirt, one pair of jeans and shoes.


His height is 1.60 metres. He is short, young, small and slim.

Favourite Things

2 He likes music

1 He likes horror films

3 He likes reading books

Favourite things

House & family


1Marco’s family is composed by her mum, his dad and her sister. He has one dog, Fulmine and one cat, Tigra.

Family & Pets

2His house is large, comfortable and modern.In his house there are seven rooms: living room, kitchen, two bathrooms and three bedrooms.

Daily routine & hobbies

Routine + hobbies + abilities

2 His hobbies are listening to music and playing computer games.His abilities is draws and swims

Everyday he gets up at 7:00, he goes to the bathroom and he has a shower and brushes his teeth and he has breakfast milk and cereal. He goes to school at 7:40 am. At 14:20 he goes home, he has lunch and he watches films but Sunday he goes skiing and he then does his homework. At 11:00 Marco has dinner then he goes to bed.