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Gaia Commod


Introduce yourself

His name is Max Hernandez

your info.

He was born on 20th January 2011

He lives in the E.A.U.

He is 12 years old

He is from Dubai

*What´s your name?

*Where do you live?

*What´s your phone number?

*How old are you?

*Where are you from?

Physical Description & Clothes



He is very thin, he weighs 28 kg and is 1.55 m tall.Today he is wearing black shorts and a gray T-shirt.

Favourite Things

2 Playining football

1 Riding horses

3 Drawing

Favourite things

2 Playing football

House & family


1FAMILYMum: NoemiDad: MarcusSister: NoraPETSPopcorn(Horse)Cloudy(Horse)Pepper(Dog)Scarf(Cat)Lion(Cat)

Family & Pets

2His house is very big.His house is 1 floor 30m x 10m,in this house there are 3 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, and a huge living room.

Daily routine & hobbies

Routine + hobbies + abilities

2 H0BBIES:DrawsRiding horsesPlayining football ABILITIES:His abilities are riding horses and playing football.

1 DAILY ROUTINEHer daily routine starts with his breakfast, then he goes to school in his mum's car.After school, Max and his sister go home and they have lunch. After that, Max goes to Holloway and he has horse lessons. Max, at 8:00 PM he has dinner with his family.He goes to sleep at 10:00 PM.