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Created by Thomas Dujany

Federico Chiesa

Introduce yourself

my name is Federico Chiesa

your info.

my birthday is the 25 October

my town is Firenze

my nationality is Italian

i'm 11 years old

*What´s your name?

*Where do you live?

*What´s your phone number?

*How old are you?

*Where are you from?

Physical Description & Clothes



hi i’m Federico Chiesa and i 11 years old.I live in Firenze in Italy. I like football but i play other sports.I’m 1,58 meters tall and I weight 37 kg.

Favourite Things

2 i like football

1 i like film

3 i like cars

Favourite things

House & family


I have one dog and two cats. In my family there are: my father Enrico my mum Francesca and my brother Lorenzo .

Family & Pets

my house have 2 floors one kitchentwo bathrooms and three bedrooms

Daily routine & hobbies

Routine + hobbies + abilities

At 16 o'clock I finish training. At 20 o'clock I have dinner and at 22 o'clock I go to bed.

My hobbiy is football but I also like swimming. my routine is: at breakfast I drink milk and biscuits after I play football at 12:30 I have lunch after i have my training