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Extra CreditOpportunities

Send me an email to mgladney@ccaeducate.me with a song selection (lyrics appropriate for school) and explain in 5 complete sentences how your song choice exemplifies any scene, character(s), and/or theme in The Odyssey and receive 5 bonus points on a quiz of your choice. Please tell me which quiz you would like it applied towards. There must be 5 complete sentences and a logical connection to The Odyssey to obtain credit.

Extra Credit Opportunity #1

Extra Credit Opportunity #2:

Missed a quiz? Need to boost your quiz points? Successful completion of The Odyssey Escape Room will replace 1 low quiz grade with a 100%! Just email me a screenshot of your completion page. CODE TO OPEN DIGITAL BOOK: onwardtoithaca

Extra Credit Opportunity #3:

If you are interested in the extra credit opportunity I spoke of in class on 5/19, here is the link for the Google form: CLICK HERE.

Please click HERE for a link to the video which explains this extra credit opportunity.

Extra Credit Opportunity #4