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UNIT 6Amazing animals

- Ducks have webbed feet designed for swimming that act like paddles.- Ducks can fly up to 6.800 meters high._ Ducks can have between 12 and 20 eggs per mating season.- The adults ducks are bigger than other aults bird species.

Interesing dats about ducks:

- Ducks can have different colors.- Duck can life from 9 to 12 years.- The ducks are in a state of conservation.- Ducks belong to the bird family.- Ducks eat. plants, seed, algae, insects such as snails, slugs and worms, small fish...- The male duck is up to 84 cm in length and female ducks can be 66 cm in length. - Ducks can live, in rives, lakes, wetland...- Ducks usually live near freshwater or saltwater habitats, such as ponds, swamps, wetlands, or rivers.- The ducks weigh depending on the species without exceeding 1.6 kg

Duck Characteristics

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Why is the duck my favorite animal?

The duck is my favorite animal because I have realized that it can do many things, like fly, swim and walk, and they are also very beautiful.

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