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8. Gastronomy

7. Capital

6. Goverment

5. Lenguages

4. Geographical situation

3. Nº of habitants

2. Embleme

1. Flag


What does the Australian flag represent?

  • The background of the Australian flag is blue, symbolizing justice. In the upper left part, the English flag, which recalls the fact that Australia was a colony of Great Britain. Below this is a seven-pointed star representing the Australian Federation.
  • Each point of the star represents one of the six states
  • The australian flag was created by Harold Thomas in the ´70s


Six of the points of the star represent the six original states, while the seventh point represents the combined territories and future states of Australia. As a whole, the shield represents the federation of Australia. Furthermore the two animals at the sides of the shield are a kangaroo and an emu which are one of the most important Australian wildlife animals


  • Australia doesn´t have any official idioms, but the english is considered as the national idiom.
  • Most of the poppulation speaks it
  • 2,5 % of people speak mandarin.
  • 1,4 % of people speak arab.
  • 1,2 % of people speak italian.

GASTRONOMY The gastronomy of Australia is characterized by being the set of gastronomy: autochthonous gastronomy, British cuisine and the contributions of Asian and Mediterranean cuisine. Typical dishes : vegamite, pavlova, Balmain bug , ginger beer guava root beer.

In the year 1901 a lot of new regions added to the australian territory. After a lot of debate they decided in the year 1908 to choose the region as the current Canberra.


Famous person: Cristopher hemsworth

Cris Hemsworth was born in Melbourne in the 11 August of 1983. He is the actor of the character Thor, of Marvel. He has protagonized more than 10 films, like Avengers: Endgame, Avengers: Infinity War and Thor.

Australian goverment

The legislative branch or legislature is a deliberative assembly that has the exclusive authority to create laws for a political entity such as a country or city, in addition to administering the state budget.

Judicial power its function is to ensure compliance with the law by institutions and citizens. Citizens can go to the courts of justice to obtain protection of their rights, they are the last guarantee of them.

Executive power is vested in the Government of a State. This is responsible for planning and directing state actions, and for applying the laws dictated by the legislative power.

The national government of Australia is a federal parliamentary monarchy. The government consists of three branches: the executive, the legislative, and the judicial.

25,767,000 people live in Australia. Australia is a country surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans. Its main cities are coastal.

Number of habitants & ubication

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