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Use this space to add awesome interactivity. Include text, images, videos, tables, PDFs... even interactive questions! Premium tip: if you want to get information on how your audience interacts with your creation, remember to activate user tracking in the Analytics settings. Let the communication flow!

Help your audience easily find a website by adding links.

Make it multimedia! If you want to include a video on the canvas, copy the URL and paste it into the Insert tab in the Editor. You can activate options such as Autoplay, Loop, and Mute, depending on your preferences.

Do you want your content to be clear and fun? Then interactivity will be your best friend. Select an element and click on the Interactivity icon above it: Tooltip, Window, Reveal, Link, Go to page, Audio, Full-screen, Interactive questions... You choose!

Interactivity and animation can be your best allies when creating tables, infographics, or graphs that help provide context for the information and simplify the data in order to communicate it to your audience. We are visual beings and we find it easier to ‘read’ images than to read a written text.

Information that captivates? Right this way! Capture your audience's attention with videos, images, PDFs, etc. You can add everything you need from the Insert menu or in interactive layers.

With Genially templates, you can include visual resources to wow your audience. You can also highlight a particular sentence or piece of information so that it sticks in your audience’s minds, or even embed external content to surprise them: Whatever you like! Kengo Kuma

You can use any photo, gif, or illustration you like to mix in some multimedia content.