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This allows you to edit students, add, and remove (please do not add or remove--Skill Struck syncs automatically with Clever and Synergy, so there is no need to add or remove students).

Allows you to add, edit, and remove sections. You can limit your choices to one section by deleting others. Skill Struck will not send grades to Synergy, and this helps ease confusion in the classroom.

Allows you to change the number of challenges, quizzes, etc. students need to progress. You can also lock and unlock lessons, which you will need to do as you progress through the curriculum.

Most of the assessments in Skill Struck are for high school students, but you also have the option of creating assessments if you choose. Some teachers choose to use Google Forms for formative assessments.

Check student progress by section and lesson.

You have the option of creating group projects.

Students can start conversations to ask for help.

Adjust your account settings as well as settings for each section.