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Megan RichardsElementary DLC

Student Discourse

Connection before Content

What's your favorite shopping app?
Something Else?

Describe Discourse in your own words.


Discourse is written or spoken communication or debate.


How do you get students talking?

I agree with Johnny because or I disagree with Johnny because...

Digital Tools:Flip, Screencastify Submit, Jamboard, Padlet

Students share ideas or present to the class

Gallery Walks

Student Reflection- Today I learned...

World Cafe

Gallery Walk

Join a group and meet at a poster. One person is the scribe. Add ideas, thoughts, and pictures

Step 1

The new scribe gives the new group a recap of what is on the poster and ideas shared with their groupRepeat until all groups have gone to all the posters.

Step 3

Switch! The scribe chooses someone else to be the scribe. The new scribe stays and everyone else moves to the next poster.

Step 2

The person doing most of the is the person doing most of the