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Daniela Viana - Sandra Azevedo - Zuriela Fuxe - Iryna Darovska

Project workTaylor Swift

  • The celebraty promoting is Taylor Swift and the slogan is "Stay Extraordinary";
  • Katie Bayne said that Taylor is "an extraordinary individual and a wonderful symbol of achievement", also she loves diet coke and it lets her stay extraordinary and that's one of the many reasons they chose her.

Taylor Swift

The main target is Taylor Swift's fans (swifties) and teenagers. They convince them to buy diet coke by serving a backstage pass, offering a rare glimpse into Taylor’s extraordinary life and career through videos, photos and updates.

The purpose of this ad is to have a peek behind the curtain at an extraordinary day in the life of a true American superstar.

Taylor Swift

We chose this advertisement because we like Taylor Swift and diet coke.

The advertisement tells us that the drink (diet coke) is extraordinary and everyone should try it.


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  1. What product is being advertised?
  2. Who is advertising this product?
  3. Why did they chose this celebrity?
  4. What is the slogan?
  5. Who is the target audience of the advertisement?


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