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Allied and Axis Power in america

United States of america

United States of America: Well The United States during this time was the one of the major countries and leaders involved in the war, such as the United States and at this time ruled by Franklin D. Roosevelt and United states after the attack on peal habor and they enter to the war.

United States of america propaganda This poster was designed in 1917 by James Montgomery Flagg for the United States government with the aim of recruiting more people for the First World War.

Allied and Axis Power in europe

Italy: Well Italy during this time was by Benito Mussolini and Italy joined forces with Germany in the Axis alliance and also sought to establish their own imperial ambitions.

Germany: Well the Germany by hitler during this time was led by the fearsome Adolf Hitler and what Nazi Germany did was pursue an aggressive expansionist agenda which led to the invasion of Poland and eventually caused war in Europe thanks to the Germans.

Free French Forces: Well in this time the free french forces that , General Charles de Gaulle during this time served as the leader of France and later became French. The Free French Forces fought against the Nazis and were instrumental in achieving the liberation of France.

Soviet Union: Well the soviet union that was The former Russia during this time was led by Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union fought against Hitler's Germany's invasion on the Eastern Front and also with key battles like Stalingrad that changed the shape and course of the war

United Kingdom: well in the United Kingdom during this time it was led by the Prime Minister who was Winston Churchill and the United Kingdom was the one that faced the German aggression and played a fundamental role in the allied victory and particularly it was also during the Battle of Britain..

this one was from Fascist Italy was the material put forth by Italian Fascism to justify its authority and programs and to foster popular support.

Truquito: La interactividad es la pieza clave para captar el interés y la atención de tu audiencia. Un genially es interactivo porque tu público explora y se relaciona con él.

Propaganda of Germany Nazi propaganda was the coordinated attempt by the National Socialist German Workers Party to influence German public opinion through the use of propaganda in the mass media. It was used by that party and later, after Adolf Hitler's rise to power, by the government of Nazi Germany until the end of World War II.

Well in this propaganda of URSS the soldier was portrayed as an intrepid and selfless hero who fought bravely on the front lines to protect the Motherland and its people and the child, on the other hand, represented innocence and hope for the future.

this slogan that they made became an iconic symbol of british propaganda during the second world war and designed by the british government that was part of a series of posters intended to raise the spirits of the population in the event of an invasion.

It was this figure of Charles de Gaulle that figured prominently in the propaganda of the Free French Forces and de Gaulle was presented as a charismatic and courageous leader who represented hope and resistance against the German occupation.

Japan: Well during this time japan by Emperor Hirohito, Japan sought to create an empire in the Pacific through military conquest, which led to the attack on Pearl Harbor and subsequent Pacific battles between China and Japan..

Allied and Axis Power in Asia

China :Well China during this time , Chiang Kai-shek ruled, and China resisted the Japanese aggression and also tied up important Japanese forces in the Pacific theater..


This propaganda was to promote resistance and the fight against the Japanese occupation and it was due for china to resist

this propaganda in Imperial Japan, in the period just before and during World War II, was designed to help the government of Japan during that time