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2. Field Guide

Vocabulary Strategies

1. Graffitti Walk

3. Vocabulary Journal

4. Vocabulary Wall

Schema Walk/Gallery Walk: Either run off examples or make models to post around the room. Using their math journal, students will make a t-chart based on Notice/Infer. An example would be an array of 6 x 8. The students would write down they notice it is made of counters; some counters form rows and some form columns. I can infer that it forms a rectangle of 6 rows and 8 columns; there are 48 counters; if the counters are removed from the inside with only the outline remaining, it still forms a rectangle. Like-wise students can be given a photo or problem at different stations and mingling students can add information or ways to solve the problem. Here are some examples: Online Jam Board Image Reading & Discussion (Show images that relate to the vocabulary of the unit and have students wonder and make connections) Non-digital vocabulary gallery Students generate definitions and examples together using poster boards or white board tables in the picture below. This can be a check of what students already know and also a great time to clarify misconceptions

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