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By Brian Martinez

Review of Digital Portfolio 8 class.

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My favorite activilty was the pixel art activity.

My Favortie Activity


1. We learned how to do pixel ar.2. We learned how to look up information about a job we might want in the future.3. We learned how to draw using Shapegrams.4.We learned how to make surveys for other people to fill out.

4 Things we Learned About Technology.

1. What career we might want to have in the future.2. What we will have to do in that job. 3. The things needed to be in that job. 4. Plenty of options on what we might want to become when we grow up.

4 Things we Learned Through Carrer Exploration.

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the biggest challenge in the class was the career research project because of the amount of research you had to do.

Biggest Challenge in the Class.


Pay attention in class and make sure to finish your work in time. Also take your time when doing a presentaion to make it look good.

Advise for the next 8th grade class.

Credits:Google for the imagesGenially