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Advertising - comercial

04.Catchy words and slogans

05.Needs or desires

01.Brade name

03.Visual images

06.Personal opinion

02.Target audience


The product gave rise to the brand of soft drinks Pepsi-cola was createdin the year 1893, in the state of Nort Carolina in the United States. Its creator, pharmacist Caleb Davis Bradham, formulated a drug initially suggested to combat dyspepsia, a disease caused by lack of the enzyme pepsin in the body, giving it the name "Brad`s Drink."




The 2010 world cup attrated the attention of football fans and everyone, and the pepsi commercial aimed to capitalize on the excitement. As a resul, the target audience includes people of different age groups, genders and ethnic backgrounds who share a comum interest in football and the sporting event in question.

target audience

In this images, as you can see, it´s the football players, and in the other visua images, it´s people watching cup games, paintings also in various cities, beit the corner, the airport and the streetsI

visual images

"The omly place you´re gonna catch it!"
"Chilled to the max....Pepsi max"
"Refreh your world pepsi"

catchy words and slogans

The needs of this types advertisement was to tap into the excitement around the tournament to promote te Pepsi brand and connect with football fans across África, which had a diverse cast of African,European and American football players renowneed as Didier drogba,Samuel Etoó,Emanuel Adebayor, Lionel Messi,Kkaká,Henry and Lampard.

NEeds or desires

This particular adevertesement aimed to highlight the passion for football in Africa and celebration of African culture. The Ad may have shown a series of exciting scenes of people playing football, cheering, conveying a festive and lively atmosphere. Music and dance can be important elements in advertising, capturing the energy and joy associated with sport.

underline message

My opinion is that they had a good idea to make this advertisement,because several famous players participated, such as Lionel Messi, Didier drogba, kaká, among others. And also because it was a world cup that attracted many people from all over the world with their creativity, dance, music and some African cultures.

personal opinion

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