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Domestic violence

Analysis of a table




What is domestic violence?








Regardless of who the victim is and who the aggressor is, the issue is to stop it from continuing. The complaint by the victim or another person who witnesses the violence is of enormous importance, and must be made at the first sign of violence. In this presentation, we will be focusing on domestic violence in adult women.

Every day, unfortunately, several people suffer from domestic violence in our country. It does not only affect women, even though they are the most common victims of this type of violence, and it is not only practiced by men, as most people believe.

What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence is all kind of violence that is practiced between members who inhabit in a common residence. It can happen between people with blood ties (such as parents and children), or civilly united (such as husband and wife or son-in-law and mother-in-law).

What is domestic violence?

  • Family disagreements
These can originate from simple disagreements, such as the children's in school, a change in routine or the acceptance of a separation.
  • Financial problems
Financial problems often lead people to a huge emotional imbalance, causing some individuals who would already be prone to practicing domestic violence, in fact to practice it.
  • Jealousy
The root of this problem lies in the structure of society – people in a marital relationship feel, for the most part, that they own their partner.
  • Consumption of alcohol and drugs
Alcohol and drugs are not responsible for any violence, as a citizen who is drunk and attacks his wife, for example, does not perform other acts considered harmful to himself.

Most cases of domestic violence occur due to:

As we can see from this table, there was a very large increase in cases of domestic violence between 2014 and 2019. Most aggressors are men and the victims are mostly women. However, on the last row, we can also see that there was a significant growth in measures taken and penalties applied.


Taking into account the growth of domestic violence, I think we all agree that there is still much to be done in order to decrease this rate. It is necessary to not only protect the victims, to defend their rights and criminalize all those who practise this violence, but also to be open about this topic and make the victims more comfortable and less afraid to come out.