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If someone finds this video on accident this was a school project and yes im just as weirdly joyful and kinda lonely in real life. LUV YALL



Not Everything is for everyone

Cause it was only 8 boards its only half the story heheheheh LOL

The author Suairah RobinsonThis is me but with a filter on cause you know identity fraud and stuff :0CLICK ME

  • This is for ages 0-99or anyone who loves simple wierd comdey.


  • I Intend to be quite cheerful, maybe some dark humor but just joy here:)

  • This should make you laugh, crack a smile, or maybe even shed a tiny tear.

Scene 1 Act 1

A father and son syrup bottle. The son asks his father to pick him up to spin him around.The setting is not quite shown here but we can clearly see a paper towel holder in the far background which may lead to some guesses.

Scene 1 Act 1

After being asked to spin around the father clearly agrees without thinking of the consequenses because, Its fun am I right.The setting still isnt really showed here but that paper towel roll is still here showing were in the same place as before.

Scene 1 Act 1

Welp The son slips from his hands and goes down with a thud. This now tells us were on something hard, does it tell us where this is headed?

Scene 1 Act 1

The son has broken. The dad is heart broken. There is nothing left to do. Its all just bits and pieces that he can't put together. So now he just expresses his grief

Scene 1 Act 1

His son is being swept away. He's hiding behind the paper towels while still grieveing over his loss. Whats that random box at the top. It should give you an idea of where this is taking place.

Scene 1 Act 1

A waffle sees the grieving father all alone. He wonders what to do. What do you think he might do? Should he help.

Scene 1 Act 1

He makes up his mind. He'll comfort the father. They have a nice chat and enjoy each others company. Ahhh the happy times.

Scene 1 Act 1

Welp he's lost another one. He contributed to both somehow. How guilty he must feel. He can only say why. The setting is finally shown here. We're in the kitchen. Is this the end? NO:)

Scene 1 Act 1


FOR NOW HEEEHHEHEHHEIf you didnt guess the random box was the microwave