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Granicus Product Designer - Functional Onboarding

Values & Culture


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Culture encompasses the shared beliefs and behaviors that define the way we work as Product Designers at Granicus. Culture is ever changing as we are always adapting to new technologies and new challenges.


Example: You’re working on a feature for a Product, and you realize you need help. There is another technical resource on your team who can help, but they are very busy. Do you reach out for help or do your best on your own?

How do Shared Values Affect our Work?


Practices are the actual actions based on a set of values.

Values are principles or standards of behavior based on our judgement of what is important in our work.



Shared values:
  • Creates Trust (within teams and with management)
  • Creates Clarity of Purpose
  • Provides a Framework for Decision Making
  • Inspires People
  • Reduces Frustration

Why have Shared Values?

What are Values & Culture?




Product Designer Values

Connecting the

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to the

Can you relate each Granicus Value to one or more Granicus Product Designer Values?