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Leonor Lira - 8ºB1

Football Event - English

Project Work


I love sports ! I really like to watch sports and every time I get the opportunity I go to see a football game on the Stadium. My parents also like sports so they follow me everywhere. My father was a football player, and my mother did acrobatic gymnastics. Even though my mum doesn't like football, she supports me and my passion.

Football has always been my favourite sport and when the opportunity to play arose I didn't waste it. I started playing football three years ago and last year I started playing on a boys team.

I have training on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and I have a championship game every Sunday. I really like playing and training bacause I learn a lot and I feel very happy.

It was in football that I met some of the most important people in my life. With them, I lived moments that I will never forget and will take for the rest of my life, like the tournament we did in Madeira Island. Despite starting to play recently on this team, everyone received me very well and are like a second family to me.

Next season will be my last one with this team because I can't play with boys any longer, but I will never forget them!

Thank you!