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Presenting Our

By: Ms. Jay

Pre-K2 Memories

Using Playdoh to count

Math Photos

They learned how to add and subtract using Unifix Cubes

They learned how to sort based on physical attributes

They learned measurements by measuring the length of envelopes using colorful stones

Science Photos

They learned about animals that live underwater and the specific needs they have: - What they eat? - Where they live? - How long they live for?

  • They did a grapefruit experiment where they had to find out how many bugs would be on the grapefruit with flesh and no flesh

Grapefrruit Experiment

They observed pine cones and rocks by using a magnifying glass

They experienced their sense of smell by guessing what scent they smelled

They learned how to put numbers in order by using rubber duckies that have a number on the bottom of it

Language Arts Photos

They learned how to write their name using chalk and a chalkboard.

They are journaling different words


They learned how to read different words that start with the same letter like: - Kite - Kangaroo - Key - Ketchup

They learned their alphabet by putting a puzzle together, which they did my matching the letter to the correct picture. Ex: I for icecream

They learned how to spell different words using scrabble letter tiles

Social Studies Photos

They read a book called "This is my home" and talked about how homes look in different countries. Then they drew a picture.

They looked at how people in different countries dressed compared to how we dress.


They learned about the roles of different careers by pretending to be veterinarians.

They learned about their culture by coloring their countries' flag

They learned about how children in different countries played and then they looked for those countries on a world map.

They drew a map of places/things closest to school, which helped them learn about location and how maps help you find places

Music and Movement Video

Fun Photos

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