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Types of Casualty Policies QUIZ

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Cancellation and Nonrenewal

Suit against the insurer

This condition states that no suit may be brought against the insurer unless the insured has fully complied with all policy conditions and the action is started within two years of the date of the loss. Which type of condition is this?

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Which of the following is not covered under Broad Form?

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Freezing of plumbing

Damage by burglars

Dismantling of pole

In addition to the special limits, certain types of property are specifically excluded from coverage. Which of the following properties is covered by the broad theft endorsement?

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Silver, silver-plated ware, gold, gold-plated ware

Credit cards and fund transfer cards

Property of the tenants, roomers, and boarders (other than relatives)

Which of the following is not covered under Special Form?

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Fire or lightning

Damage to a roof caused by freezing

Theft of property that is part of the dwelling

There are general exclusions that define the actual extent of coverage provided. Which of the following is not part of the exclusions for this policy?

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Special Form

Aside from the general exclusions, there are two more situations that are excluded from the policy. Where can these be found?

Pair or Set

Loss Settlement


The insurer can elect to repair or replace a missing piece to restore the set to the value prior to the loss? Which type of condition is this?

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Which of the following is not covered under Basic Form?

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One deductible

Two deductibles

A volcanic eruption happened on Monday. Unfortunately, it erupted again the next day and the following day. How many deductibles will an insured get?

Suit against the insurer

Insurer’s option to repair or replace

Insurable interest and limit of insurance

The insurer has the option to fix and exchange any part of a damaged property with like property by providing written notice to the insured within 30 days from receiving signed, sworn proof of loss. Which type of condition is this?

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