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Madelaine Albright

How did this immigrant woman find her place in American society?

What she brought to the country

What she did, where did she end up?

Her origins

Where did she come from, why did she leave her country?

Her evolution

How she evolved as an immigrant woman


  • Born in Prague, in Czécoslovaquia
  • Her parents convert to Catholicism
  • First immigration at 2 years : escape Nazism
Go to London, UK
  • Second immigration at 11 years : escape the communist regime
Go to Denver, USA

1. Her origins

  • Studying in Switzerland Graduated in political science
  • Go to Columbia University Obtained a doctorate in public law
  • Became an American citizen in 1957

2. Her evolution

3. What she brought to the country ?


Entered the White House, on the National Security Council


Did the same with Michael Dukakis


Taught international affairs at Georgetown University


Became advisor for Géraldine Ferraro


Become American ambassador to the United Nations


Became American secretary of States